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I Survived The Catholic Church by different-strokes I Survived The Catholic Church by different-strokes
I'm a survivor. Since I can't have a tshirt, a mug will suffice.

If you too want to proclaim to the world that you've survived the back-asswardness of some of the Church's dogma, feel free to pick up one of these little guys. I promise I won't tell your mother ;)
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danirat Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha! This is great!

Then again, I don't think I would be half as open-minded as I am today if it weren't for my rejection of the Catholic Church... they gave me the model of what NOT to do.
Hamelela Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007
She's right as hell. Catholicism= Corruption
tracy04 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2007
Different-strokes, I feel for you, and I will offer up a novena for you.

Sorry you had such a lousy experience! When you revert, try to find a parish with a priest who actually teaches the real dogma of the Church.

"There are not over a hundred people...who hate the Roman Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church."
-Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
catholicchick Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
well that is NOT very nice...I love being Catholic! I have looked into things and I agree with everything it teaches! I went to a way traditional parish for a long time and absolutely loved it! I go to a more modern parish now and still miss my old parish :( but I can live in this one too. I'm beginning to see that modern is always shouldn't flame any religion, and I don't meen just Catholic or Christian. That's know way to get people to see your opinion! The more precious something is to a person the more damage you do by flaming it! My Catholic faith is all I have. I'm not going to get into the woes of my life because you'd probably die of bordom. Even if you think your just 'experssing yourself' you still need to think of how it will hurt other people. I prefer bells and smells mass of my own personal choice even though now I'm begining to get used to modern stuff I'd go back to traditional if I could.
Mind-rape-101 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2008
ahmen to that it sotfo gose i'll recpet your religon if you respcet mine i have friend that are outside of y religon and we don't brign up the word of god beacuse our views on i are diffrent andwe don't want to end up insluting eachother but it's sort of like i don't know how i would feel if i changed religon it's like my mother told me the cross you carry now your use to it if yo pick up a new one it will be diffrent it migth be heaver or larger. and in some ways i don't agrree witha few things bout the church but i am still faithful to my religon.

well ahmen fr those words i'm catholic and proud of it
Zollo Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha! I like this one.
cat-hicks Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006
extra ecclesiam nulla salus.
Martiangirl Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006
No thanks. I love the Catholic Church :clap:. Sorry things didn't work out for you, but don't you think that calling their beliefs "back-asswardness" is a bit harsh? Doesn't that say something rather negative about the millions of men, women and children around the world who believe that dogma? You make it sound like Catholicism is a disease to be recovering from.
different-strokes Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006
but don't you think that calling their beliefs "back-asswardness" is a bit harsh?

Not at all.

Doesn't that say something rather negative about the millions of men, women and children around the world who believe that dogma?

Yeah. Maybe they ought to think about that before committing to believing in said dogma.

You make it sound like Catholicism is a disease to be recovering from.

Disease, abuse, brainwashing ... you name it, it's still something to be cured of.
Martiangirl Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2006
I get that you don't believe in Catholic dogma. I'm fine with that. To each their own.

But some of your reactions are downright Anti-Catholicism (think Anti-Semitism against Catholics). There are plenty of people who have thought deeply about their religion. Some have left the Catholic Church and after a lot of soul searching, returned. Some converted from other religions.

Not everyone is going to agree with the Catholic Church, but to bash the religion and tell those people that they are practically wasting their lives until they get a brain and leave, is crossing over into bigotry. Do you read/believe Jack Chick as well?
different-strokes Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
:shrug: Yeah, I read Jack Chick, but that's mostly for laughs. That guy's a riot and a half, especially because he takes himself so damned seriously.

And chill out. I only went to town on you because you seemed to totally neglect the fact that I only said that some of the Church's teachings were backassward.

I made this design because I survived those teachings, and I know plenty of others who have also. I also know of a good contingent of people who've been severely damaged emotionally, mentally, and psychically because their indoctrination was so intense that they could not reconcile themselves. I was almost one of them, but since I'm still alive and relatively thriving, I consider myself a survivor, not a victim.

I don't care if other people still believe in and follow the Church. If they follow it blindly, I'll mock them should I chance upon them; if they've given it serious thought and still decide it's their course, then whatever, I think they're wrong (just as they very probably think I'm wrong), but that's their life, not mine.

Now kindly go away and quit putting words in my mouth. I've yet to tell anyone they're wasting their lives with Catholicism.
Martiangirl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
For the record, I apologize if I seemed to be putting words in your mouth. That was not my intent and I'm sorry. It was just that last line of yours that truly distubed me.

"Disease, abuse, brainwashing. . .you name, it's still something to be cured of"

It is hard to tell by mere reading, if one is serious or mocking with this sentence. There are plenty of people who truly believe this line of thought, and see no problem in trying to get rid of said religion. You may not have said it in exact words, but (jokingly or not, intended or not) implyed that the religion is not a matter choice or faith, but a result of corruption that should be eradicated. Being a former Catholic does not make you somehow immune to making Anti-Catholic remarks.

You said "some" dogma (yeah I read it). But "some" can be anything. Since you weren't specific, this can be interpreted many ways. It could mean some of the teachings on political issues today. Or it could mean dogma concerning a particular article of faith (gospel, Jesus, Mary, whatever). The latter is more dear (even sacred) to some people and can be taken as a personal attack by those who define themselves as Catholic.

I'm not Catholic anymore, but I've been through over 12 years of Catholic schooling. I know that there are teachings that not everyone is going to agree on. Hell, there are a lot of teachings that people/teachers mistake for dogma (stuff you have to believe to be conisdered Catholic) that are really not essential. I'm sorry that you know people who have been emotionally scarred by teachings, but I still stand by what I stated earlier that some earlier remarks were a bit insensitive. The web is not a personal diary meant to be seen by only a few people. Once you post something, you are by definition publishing it. It is no different than if you had put an ad or editorial out in a global newspaper. And all sorts of people are free to read it and respond in kind (especially if it concerns such a sensitive topic as religion) I shall abide by your request and leave you be. I just find it a bit saddening to see that people appear to think RC is an accessible target for ridicule, whereas other religions and people are treated with far more sensitivity for fear of offending anyone.
baby221 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
Well, I do think it's a form of brainwashing, especially if they indoctrinate you while you're still young and have no choice but to accept what is told to you as truth. So far as I'm concerned, anything that teaches you to hate yourself, or parts of yourself, is emotionally abusive -- and that's exactly how the Church treats its queer members. Or, you know, any of its members who don't quite agree with it. The faith in doing good works and being loving and forgiving I support -- it's the insitution within which it's enacted that makes me want to rampage.

:shrug: If it makes you feel better, though, I "hate" (I use the term quite loosely, since hate tends to require active thought and energy directed toward a thing, and quite frankly they're not worth my time) all organised religions equally. Catholicism's just more personal to me because I've been affected by it. Sort of the way I hate rapists in general, but I'd hate the man who raped me (if I'd been raped, of course) more than the other rapists, because he affected me.

And yes, I realise that this is more or less a public space that can be responded to by anyone with an account. It wasn't intended to be anything else.
Martiangirl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
Well, by that definition, parenting and teaching is brainwashing. Children are taken at young ages and forced into schools where they are taught things and are expected to take them as true. Parents tell you that certain things are wrong or "not nice", while other things are more appropriate. Even telling little kids that being good on Christmas will prompt Santa Claus bring them gifts is misleading proaganda. It is only when you are approaching adulthood that you begin to question authority. And once you are an adult, you are free to accept or reject them (otherwise, there would be no such thing as converts)

I don't agree completely with the RC doctrine on homosexuality. But the teaching is that the act, not the person, is sinful. So they don't hate the people or even their orientation. It's the physical act. Granted, there are people in the Church who take this and warp it to try and condone homophobic behavior, but that can be said of anyone. After all people are human. But hate of anyone (save maybe Satan) for any reason is not officially advocated or tolerated. I still don't agree with all the teachings, but I've never seemed to be singled out for it by anyone who disagreed. But then again, maybe I just grew up in a very understanding parish. The priests basically said that "Hey, this is what the Church teaches." They tried to answer questions and gave their take on it. They taught, they didn't force.
I get what you are saying, and I'll say no more on the topic. I just think that there are various ways of saying the same thing, and that some techniques are more appropriate than others. And because this is a public space, we all have to be careful about how we phrase things.
baby221 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006
Of course parenting is brainwashing. It's not all bad, though. Things like learning to share and to treat others with respect are forms of brainwashing I'm sure we could all use more of :P But being taught to be ashamed of who or what you are? No. That's abusive. (And yeah, telling kids that Santa Claus is real is misleading propaganda. It might be harmless, depending on the mental makeup of the kid, but it's still a lie and I'm not one to advocate parents lying to their kids.)

I respect what you're saying, and I'm glad you came out of a more understanding parish. Mine was very "love God or die" -- so I'm understandably a bit more cynical about the whole affair.

And while you might want to be careful of the way you phrase things, I'd prefer blunt honesty, quite frankly. I'm not sorry that my opinions offend you, and I'm not going to find a way to make them somehow less vitrolic because they're the way I feel and when asked, that's how I respond. If you had said, "Look, your opinions are bullshit and reek of atheist bias" and that was your honest opinion, I'd prefer that to "Well that wasn't very nice, you shouldn't be so insensitive." You shouldn't have to hide from the way you feel.

But, keep in mind, the mug itself says none of this. It's what the mug means to me, but it could just as easily mean any number of different things for others who may view it.

Which reminds me -- how did you find this?
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